Alanya – the latest hot spot for the British investors

It was a time when only older and wealthier generations could afford to own a property abroad, as a second home in sunnier climates. Today, more and more young people avoid buying incredibly expensive properties in their native countries, and decide to invest in cheaper homes overseas and have them let out for a profit. Younger Brits, who choose to rent in Britain, are particularly interested by villas for sale in Alanya, an exotic and less developed eastern European market. And the word spread out owning an Alanya property is a good long-term investment.

Britons are the ones that shifted the main interest of the jet-to-let investing phenomenon from already famous locations like Spain, Italy or France, to an anonymous eastern European market Alanya property market. According to latest data released by the Land Registry Office of Turkey, “Britons were first in buying property in Turkey among foreign nationals”, closely followed by Germans. Any Alanya property or a particular villa for sale in Alanya is of much interest for British buyers, since Alanya is the vanguard location for them. Lately, Alanya has come to include sizable proportions of seasonal or even full-time inhabitants made up of foreign homeowners. Sometimes, Alanya properties need to accommodate five times more inhabitants than the average figure reported by authorities.

Naturally, we wonder what chases the Brits away from their native country. Experts’ opinion is unanimous when it comes to a straight answer properties are incredibly pricy and the market no longer offers the big returns expected. The median selling price of properties in Britain is somewhere around $325,000 and the prices growth shows no evident signs of slowdown. More than that, it is much preferable to invest in, let’s say, an Alanya property that you can use yourself for some of the year, during weekends or when you decide for retirement, and have it let out for the rest for a healthy profit, of course.

Consequently, Britons quickly saw the great potential of appreciation and the opportunities offered by the emerging Alanya property market. And the rule is simple the sooner they look for a villa for sale in Alanya and buy it, the better is the long-term investment and the higher the profit. The prices for a villa for sale in Alanya range from $80,000 to $250,000, depending on the land area, number of bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms, and the proximity to public utilities, like the hospital or the airport, the shopping centers and the beach.

The more touristic part of Alanya is the southern side of the city, clearly divided by the Ataturk Bulvari (Boulevard). Alanya properties have “strategic” positions along the Mediterranean coastline, most of them being located in the close vicinity of beaches, offering a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean Sea, dazzling colorful sunsets and unforgettable sunrises. Alanya promotes itself as “where the sun smiles”. The friendly climate with long, hot, dry summers is more than alluring for the constantly increasing number of foreign homeowners and tourists. Alanya is also unique thanks to the mixture of sandy beaches and mountain relief. The presence of Taurus Mountains next to the sea creates visible rainbows many days and another interesting and rarely met effect as snow can often be seen from the city below on the picks of the mountains during hot days.